3.4.4Process Safety

Key results

  • A total of 165 Loss of Primary Containment incidents were recorded, of which 48 were oil and gas releases. In total, four were classified as Tier 1 Process Safety events and ten as Tier 2 Process Safety events, while the remaining 151 were of minor or insignificant consequences1.
  • As reported in section 3.4.3 Environment, the majority of the liquid related Loss of Primary Containment incidents resulted in releases contained onboard, only 11 spills resulted in a release to the sea, 190 litres in total.

Key achievements

  • The HSSE Policy was updated including the Company commitment to embed Process Safety Management in the company, its standards and the hazard management controls to minimize the risk of Major Accidents
  • Eleven of the 20 PSM elements were defined as the priority PSM Elements for the first implementation phase. These elements consist of a set of activities and practices that are being embedded in the SBM Offshore Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS), the Group Technical Standards (GTS) and can be assessed through the SBM Offshore International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS)
  • For the remaining eight PSM Elements, key activities have been defined for the second PSM implementation phase
  • A Gap analysis has been conducted to assess the ‘health’ of PSM in current practices and the findings were used as the basis for the activities chosen for the second PSM implementation phase.
  • A PSM Training Program was launched to train defined functions across the organisation. This will provide more in-depth focus on PSM requirements and implementation
  • A dedicated PSM department has been established in SBM Offshore Operations to ensure implementation of PSM activities in the operations phase as well as cascading the message of the importance of PSM throughout the fleet. The team has progressed a number of improvements, including implementing a monthly analysis of loss of containment events.