3.4.5Social Performance

Foster local development

SBM Offshore strives to enhance the socio-economic impact in the countries where it operates through employee development and local community programs.

Social economic impact assessments


SBM Offshore monitors the impact of its operations in Brazil on an annual basis by means of a social economic impact assessment. SBM Offshore undertakes this assessment to better understand the value of their operations in Brazil and to measure the direct and indirect economic impacts of SBM Offshore’s activities. The methodology for this assessment was developed in 2014 and this is the second consecutive year that SBM Offshore assesses the impact of its activities in the Brasa Yard, project execution at the office in Rio de Janerio and operations of the fleet, offshore Brazil.

The results of the 2015 impact were not available for publication in this report; results will be published on the SBM Offshore website when completed.

The results of the 2014 study have been used as part of the risk analysis, corporate positioning and forms the basis of the sustainability strategy for SBM Offshore in Brazil.


A similar, social economic impact assessment was started in 2015. SBM Offshore has been present in Angola for over a decade both with offshore and onshore operations through its participation in the Paenal yard. The analysis remains in the preliminary phases and the results are expected in 2016.

Local community activities and programs

Almost 10 years ago SBM Offshore, in partnership with the local community, created the Lubango Orphanage to house and school young girls. Further to supporting the orphanage, SBM Offshore is now able to assist the girls with securing an employment for them.

In Brazil, SBM Offshore supports local communities around the areas where the Company operates by supporting initiatives such as the Babylonia daycare in Rio de Janeiro’s Leme neighbourhood and educational programs such as the creation of the Welding School Professional Training Program with local partners. Support is provided through charitable monetary donations and by SBM Offshore employees who play an active role in activities and events: signing up for the Bone Marrow donor list (REDOME), for example.

During 2015, SBM Offshore employees donated money to their local community affected by severe floods but also to victims of flooding in Myanmar. The Malaysian donation drive came under the wing of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project ‘Senyuman Buat Mereka’ (Bring A Smile To Them) and ‘Sinar Buat Mereka’ (Bring Hope For Them). In Myanmar, SBM Offshore employees from FSO Yetugan offshore Myanmar chose to provide donations to the Free Funeral Service Society (FFSS).

SBM Offshore Houston employees recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to become one of its local sponsors through a monetary donation and two on-site days.

SBMers also choose to support their local charities through physical activity like the MS 150 bike ride organized by America’s National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society, the Century Ride in Melaka in Malayisa and the No-Finish Line in Monaco.

SBM Offshore Monaco has developed a partnership with local charity Digital Aid who volunteer their free time and donate used office computers, laptops and screens to areas in need.

SBM Offshore Schiedam has a variety of health and well-being programs for SBMers located in the Netherlands. In 2015, a new catering company was engaged offering more variety and healthier food choices. A new bike plan and purpose built area for cyclists was built in 2015 to encourage more employees to cycle to work.