SBM Offshore discloses its performance indicators to its stakeholders to inform them of its sustainability policies, targets and performance. SBM Offshore’s stakeholders include employees, shareholders, investment community, clients, business partners, export credit agencies, suppliers, loan providers, NGOs and governments.

The performance indicators disclosed for 2015 are based on topics identified as material for SBM Offshore. General standard disclosure and aspects with less of a reporting priority are included in the 7.3 GRI Table. The Disclosures on Management Approach (DMA) for material aspects can be found in the in the section 7.1.2 Disclosures on Management Approach.

SBM Offshore together with several stakeholders, has performed a materiality analysis to identify the aspects that are material to the ‘license to operate’ and the ‘license to grow’. Details about how SBM Offshore performed the materiality analysis and the outcomes can be found in chapter 3.4 Sustainability. The 2015 materiality determination resulted in a confirmation of the already existing aspects on ‘license to operate’ elements of the Sustainability Framework and the Company continues its performance reporting on these aspects.