7.1.5Health, Safety and Security Reporting

The Health, Safety and Security performance indicators scope takes into account:

  • Employees which include all permanent employees, part-time employees, locally hired agency staff (”direct contractors”) in the fabrication sites, offices and offshore workers, i.e. all people working for the Company.
  • Contractors which include any person employed by a Contractor or Contractor’s Sub-Contractor(s) who is directly involved in execution of prescribed work under a contract with SBM Offshore.

HSS incident reporting is registered and managed through the Company’s Single Reporting System (SRS) database. SRS is a web-based reporting system that is used to collect data on all incidents occurring in all locations where the Company operates.

The SRS system records safety, environmental, security incidents, process safety events, equipment failure and damage only incidents.

Incidents are reported based on the incident classifications as defined by the IOGP. The Company also reports incident data from Contractor’s construction facilities if the incident is related to an SBM Offshore project.

The Company uses records of exposure hours and SRS data to calculate Health and Safety performance indicators set by SBM Offshore.


In 2014 SBM Offshore reported security related incidents including security threats and security incidents resulting in physical harm to employees. In 2015 SBM Offshore refined the reporting scope to work-related security incidents, including incidents resulting in physical harm to employees. As result, SBM Offshore re-stated the number of work-related incidents from 2014.