5.1Shareholder Information

The Company maintains open and active engagement with its stakeholders, both internal and external, which include shareholders, clients, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and suppliers during the year using the following means:

  • Annual shareholders meeting
  • Stakeholder engagement interviews
  • Town Hall sessions
  • Analyst and investor road shows/meetings
  • Capital Markets Day (held every two years) two-day event for financial analysts
  • Conferences
  • Analyst webcast presentations
  • Surveys 
  • Press releases
  • Website updates
  • Desktop research 

The objective is to inform and to understand SBM Offshore’s investors’ expectations, identify areas for improvement and create long term relationships. In 2015, this input led to additional disclosures related to anticipated future Directional capital expenditures, debt repayment profiles and a year-end net debt guidance figure, all of which offer additional insights into the current and future financial performance of the Company.

SBM Offshore is fully aware that its actions have an impact on many stakeholders that may have different expectations of the Company. To shape stakeholder engagement, SBM Offshore identified key stakeholders by mapping the level of influence on and level of interest in the Company.

Main stakeholders are the Company’s employees, employee delegates, shareholders, the investor community, clients, business partners, export credit agencies and suppliers. Other important stakeholders are lenders, governments in operating areas, oil and gas industry associations, universities and researchers and potential investors.

Stakeholders were invited to reflect on SBM Offshore’s corporate strategy and performance and their information needs. Valuable  input was captured from the responses, which was used in determining the material topics.