2.3Strategic Objectives

The main aim behind SBM Offshore’s overall vision is to grow the business in the long-term. Three guiding principles in setting objectives for the company are credibility, affordability, proactivity. Credibility means to exceed clients expectations on reliability, safety and quality. Affordability is about ensuring the best value for money in today’s economic environment. Proactivity demonstrates the Company’s commitment to engage at an early stage with clients and to co-create solutions for a better and more economic development of resource discoveries.

SBM Offshore manages performance on these guiding principles through the balanced score card framework. For 2016 the Company will focus on three items:

  1. Maximize time spend with clients to co-create new solutions and more efficient ways for offshore production
  2. Deliver a lower breakeven point for the Company, while at the same time managing capacity for an improved market environment
  3. Strong cash management, delivering on expectations of financial markets

Balanced Scorecard vs. Clients’ demand
Objective Areas & Ambitions